Foundation earthing system

Copper-bonded steel tape

Steel tape is molecularly bonded in electrolytic process with copper of thickness 0.070 mm. Copper coating protects against corrosion for the tens of years.
Sale unit is kilogram, the tolerance of weight ± 5%

Cat. no. X x Y
C1100274(30M) 25 x 4 30 steel copper-bonded to thickness of 0.070 mm
C1100279(40M) 30 x 3 40
C1100275(30M) 30 x 4 30
C1100281(20M) 40 x 4 20

* for special orders we supply different tape lengths

Skew clamps

Skew clamp universal, with stainless steel separator, to connect rod to tape or circular conductor (with stainless steel separator inside protecting from corrosion between copper and zinc when different metals are connected)

Cat. no. Dimensions Material
rod St/Cu
C1030428N 12.8; 14.2 ≤ 30 28-78 stainless steel, stainless steel bolts M8
C1030429N 17.2 ≤ 30 28-78

Inspection pits

Enable to control rod – earthing conductor connections with no problems as well as to make time earth resistance measurements.
Pit C1140304 can be mounted in different kind of hardened surfaces (recommended for areas with setts because of specially designed reinforced flange). Pit C1140302 can be mounted in surfaces hardened with concrete or asphalt

Cat. no. Dimensions
length x width x height x depth
C1140302 258 x 258 x 215 x 160 plastic pit with hardened cover
C1140304 260 x 215 x 210 x 110