Additional accessorie

Inspection pits

Enable to control rod – earthing conductor connections with no problems as well as to make time earth resistance measurements.
Pit C1140304 can be mounted in different kind of hardened surfaces (recommended for areas with setts because of specially designed reinforced flange). Pit C1140302 can be mounted in surfaces hardened with concrete or asphalt
Cat. no. Dimensions
length x width x height x depth
C1140302 258 x 258 x 215 x 160 plastic pit with hardened cover
C1140304 260 x 215 x 210 x 110

Inspection pit earth bar for plastic pits C1140302 and C1140304

Pits number: C1140302 and C1140304 can be equipped with equipotential earth bar enables connection of five bus bars (tapes) of max. size 30 x 4 mm. Earth bar fit into the slots provided in the inspection pit.
Cat. no. C1140306

Lubricating medium for couplings of threaded earthing rods

It is used for additional protection of contacts inside coupling. When connecting rods with coupling, we recommend to pour little paste into coupling. It can also be used as lubricating medium for driving stud making it easy to screw it out.
Cat. no. C1130301

Insulating tape for wrapping underground joints

The tape protects underground connections from soil and electrochemical corrosion

Cat. no. Width
C1030355 30 10
C1030356 50 10

Protective sleeve

When galvanized tape is connected to copper or to copper plated element buried underground, this sleeve is to protect galvanized tape from electrochemical corrosion.
Cat. no. C1030358

CBM Resistivity

CBM Resistivity is fine powder which increases surface area of earth electrode thus reducing resistance to earth. It is being sold in the bags of 25 kg each. Before using it needs to be mixed with Portland cement before using in following proportion:
CBM Resistivity 3 : cement 1
Cat. no. C1070302

Steel tape and wire bending tools

The manual bending machine is a simple failure-free device which provides a wide range of possibilities in bending wires and tapes at 90 degrees. Thanks to its compact design and small size, it is perfect for bending wires at construction sites, trenches and power stations. The bending machine is intended for copper-bonded steel wires with the following dimensions: copper-bonded flat bar: 3-5 x 25-40 mm, copper-bonded wire: 8-10 mm.
The manufacturer is not liable for any damage to the bending tools if it is used for bending tapes and wires other than those manufactured by CBM Technology. Furthermore, the manufacturer is not liable for any damage to protective layer of tapes and wires other than those manufactured by CBM Technology.

Cat. no. C1140350

Self-adhesive bimetallic divider

The self-adhesive bimetallic divider is used for connecting metals of different electrochemical potentials in a safe manner. It is a copper tape with conductive glue on one side and a protective tin coating on the other. After taking off the protective pad, the divider should be glued to the cleaned surface of a copper-bonded steel tape or a copper flat bar. The tape with the divider glued onto it can be safely connected to galvanized steel or aluminum elements. The divider eliminates the dangerous potential difference and prevents electrochemical corrosion. In case of drilling a hole in the copper-bonded or copper steel tape and using galvanized bolt, the divider should be glued onto both sides of the connected wire. This is to prevent electrochemical corrosion between the bolt head and the copper surface. This action is necessary if we use bolts made of stainless steel or brass.
Dimensions 40 x 50 mm.
Cat. no. C1140330