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The tests confirming the quality according to IEC/BS EN 62561-2

The materials used for earthing systems must comply with the conditions included in IEC/BS EN 62561-2 in order to do their job, and didn’t corrode for tens of years in particular. The above standard defines the testing methods of the copper-bonded tapes and wires quality as well as copper-bonded earth rods quality.

Below the requirements for the particular products:

PLASTICITY – bending the rod, tape and wire at the angle of min 90 degrees. The coating mustn’t crack nor detach from the steel in the bending place.

ADHESION – this test is designed for earthing rods. The rod is being stuck between steel plates, the gap between which should be smaller by 1.4 mm than the diameter of the rod being stuck. Sticking through the steel plates should result in separating steel from steel, and the copper coating should not detach from the steel.

COATING THICKNESS – according to the standard the minimum thickness of the copper coating for earth rods is 0.250 mm, and it is 0.070 mm for tapes and wires.
A gauge for testing the coating thickness should be used to define the coating thickness. The gauge measures the non-metallic coating thickness on the metallic base and this is the distance from the sensor area to the metal surface.

The Cu coating of 0.250 mm is to prevent the decrease of the coating thickness below 0.100 mm when embedding the rod into the ground. A simple test of sticking the copper-bonded earth rod between the vice jaws indicates that the copper coating will be reduced to about 0.100 mm. This allows to maintain the corrosion resistance for the period of tens of years. The earthing standards determine the Cu coating of 0.250 mm in the rod and 0.070 mm in the tape and wire. Tapes and wires are not subjected to mechanical damages during their installation as it happens when installing earthing rods. Therefore the coating of 0.070 mm is enough to ensure the corrosion resistance for tens of years.

Our products are certified by ”type tests” performed by the BBJ accredited laboratory. Below the certificate confirming the compliance of our products with PN-EN 62561-2.